Monday, July 21, 2008

Newest prego pics... 6 months and counting

My sister Rachel is 4 months pregnant. We are having fun doing this together and she has lots of great advice for me. I hope that she has a girl, too, so that they can be like twins!

the wise Caleb Izaak Olsen and Sadie doing "down dog"

For all the friends and family that wish they could get here, but havent found a way, yet, I have decided to introduce you all to the Olsen "Handlebar Ranch" and it's population!

An incredible family visit! Wow...we had so much fun and did a lot, saw a lot, and ate a lot! Once everyone left, our house seemed so quiet and big! Luckily, we will be filling that space with our little girl in a few months.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Awaiting our little girl is so exciting! We are at 6 months and counting down...slowly, but quickly! With this blog you will all be able to follow her growth (and ours!) and watch us through our adventures of becoming a family of 3 (plus the 4-legged kids!)