Wednesday, December 31, 2008

more Christmas...

why dont they let you pose more photos? thank you grandma ruth for the very cute Christmas outfit!

Christmas '08

Elodie's first Christmas proved to be enlightening to her future...she will definately be well-read!!! Thank you to everyone...we are already delving into the classics that have been sent to our baby girl, and LOVE the ones that are touchy-feely! (at least I do!) I have included a bunch of other photos of her for your viewing pleasure, as well. Elodie has started to smile ALOT, and as soon as I can get one on camera, I will get that on here, as well.

Love you all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Here is the "tummy time" boot camp! hahaha...she is actually getting better and not so frustrated. elodie also has her first friend-Asher.
I had to include one of daddy time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OK-can you tell I just want to show her off??

We just love this little miracle that is now a huge part of our lives. She has quite the life so far...biking (actually shuttling mom and dad for biking), skiing with Dad (cross country tour), and hiking with mom and dad. So, here are a few more photos...just because! Among these is our first "self-inflicted" picture...can you guess which one??? Elodie is already waving at her fans out there...

more thanksgiving photos...

Sorry about the delay! I forgot some pics that I really meant to get on the last post...I guess that I have been taking so many photos that I dont look back far enough to find the really important ones. Thank you to Gramma Mimi for putting little Elodie asleep when she was upset . (By the way...arent we her favorite since I made her a gramma in the first place? hahahaha) Also, thank you to Steve and Nancy Reger for the thanksgiving bib...Elodie wore it well. Maybe Rachie's little girl can wear it on her first turkey day?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thankgiving with the family from Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada!

We had a fantastic time eating, drinking, biking, and holding Elodie this last weekend! The weather was great, until Mom, Dad and Gramma had to leave-big storm almost kept them here!!! (remind anyone of any other time in Colorado???)

Aimee, Shane, and Jasper came up from Denver for the fun and Jeanne came from Canada because she heard that it was going to be so much fun! (hahaha-loved having you Jeanne! Thank you for being here.)

I am in the process of "weaning" Elodie off of being held all the time. Just kidding-I cannot keep my hands off her, either! I'll have to wean myself for next week when I go back to work. Ugh!

Here are some photos. Love ya all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

more photos!

OK-by popular demand, we have a few more photos of Elodie for you all. (We like to wait until we have to change her O2 bandaids or put on a clean canula...hopefully this business only lasts a bit more, but the altitude does funny things to babies!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

more photos!!!

Notice that she takes after her brother while sleeping!

The first few days...

Becoming a mom has been an amazing experience, and I can see it in Todd how amazing he will be as a Dad-and how amazing he already is!

We have had long awake nights-mostly because she is wide awake and hungry. No real screaming or anything! She is a very good little girl and does not get super upset-she does not like to get dressed and does not like to wait too long for her meals! HAHAHAHA-who does like either of these in our family???

I will try to keep the photos coming for you all!

Just FYI-she is on oxygen for being a high altitude baby...mostly just a pain in the butt!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Addition!!! Elodie Ruth Olsen

Our beautiful baby girl has arrived! November 6th, 6:15pm. 7 lbs. 1 oz, she arrived quickly and smoothly with no issues. BUT-I will NEVER call anything that hurts painful, ever again! WOW! What a miracle...I guess that really separates the women from the boys out there! (sorry dad and todd and all the other wonderful men in our lives...) Todd is the most willing, supportive and interactive man that I could ever hope for him to be.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts. God was there every minute. Didnt he make life incredible?!?!?!?!

We were able to come home this morning-Saturday. I never thought that we would get out of there! We are so excited to be here and have our little "addition" fill some warm space in our beautiful home.

More to come very soon!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby girl coming soon!


Being a week late, and after much consideration and advice from the doc, we have decided to induce. Tomorrow morning is the big day! We are a bit nervous, being that it is unnatural, but her size and my body's discomfort have led us to make the decision. Baby and I are both extremely healthy, but it is not like we are still early! Besides, they will only let us go another 4 days, anyway. Please pray for us, as this is going to be much more painful and intense than we had originally planned-as if that would have been "pleasant" - hahaha!

Sue, Todd's mom, will be here to support us and help us with our needs. It will be a great help! Mom (mine) was here last weekend helping us with much of our preparations, as well, so we are VERY ready! House clean, laundry done, etc. Thank you Mom! (She also tried to help me "naturally" induce by going for walks, going to the springs to relax, etc)

By next week, we should have plenty of photos for everyone! stay tuned...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is my monkey that Gramma Mimi gave me. It was actually a craft kit to make the monkey. I jsut wanted to post this so Gramma can see it all done.

Thank you Gma Mimi!!! It was fun!

37 1/2 weeks!

yes-I am counting days left! Our house is just about to Todd's standards for the arrival of the baby and all of our welcome guests in the next few months, years, etc! I cant wait until you all come see it (and her)! I will have photos of the house soon...

Monday, September 22, 2008

moose sighting!

On a walk today, we saw 4 moose (or is that meese?!?!?!?!) by the river...luckily we were way up on the road looking down. These photos show no justice to the grandness of these animals. One of the bulls had a rack you usually only see in the hunting mags!
Caleb was keeping a careful eye and ear out for the moose, as well!
some of you thought that I was going to put up a pic of myself, didnt ya????