Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thankgiving with the family from Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada!

We had a fantastic time eating, drinking, biking, and holding Elodie this last weekend! The weather was great, until Mom, Dad and Gramma had to leave-big storm almost kept them here!!! (remind anyone of any other time in Colorado???)

Aimee, Shane, and Jasper came up from Denver for the fun and Jeanne came from Canada because she heard that it was going to be so much fun! (hahaha-loved having you Jeanne! Thank you for being here.)

I am in the process of "weaning" Elodie off of being held all the time. Just kidding-I cannot keep my hands off her, either! I'll have to wean myself for next week when I go back to work. Ugh!

Here are some photos. Love ya all!

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