Monday, March 30, 2009

5 months this week!

I found my feet, learned a few expressions, can grab things and put them all in my mouth, have been sleeping all night (sort of) regularly, and rolled over all in the past 2 weeks! whew-am I tired!
I think being naked is fun. Here, I am in between sets of leg lifts (when I slam my legs into the floor really loud). At my last doctors appointment, I found that I weigh 12.5 pounds and am 24.5 inches long.) I heard this runs in the family (Larsen side, of course...).

This is my favorite toy.

first solid food!

this was fun!!!

Daddy and Elodie time

Elodie and Daddy yucking it up for "mustache march!"
See what I mean about "Daddy's girl?"

found photos from "the past!!!"

For all of you to see-this is the beautiful bassinett that Grampa Phil made little Elodie. It is absolutely gorgeous and we just love it. I will be keeping it out for a long time because it is so wonderful. Thank you "grampa."
Having more than one camera creates confusion(this is also part of the reason that I dont put up more posts-our ther camera is the business camera which is often on the job with

Todd) I wanted to put in some photos from the DesRochers visit that I really wanted to show you!

Unclr Mark called Elodie a "little Julie." I think she has made that move towards being her "Daddy's girl..." complete with his adorable expressions - both verbally and facially (is that a word, gma mimi?) hehehe

We celebrated Mark's b-day while they were there-happy birthday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

just goofing around!

We were in Denver last weekend and the weather was very much spring! So nice to feel the warm sun and relax in the grass. We rode bikes and went "charioting."
The Olsen family (minus the "boy")

Hanging out in the car with all the gear. Mom and Dad are taking turns skiing today!

My new Bumbo-it helps me feel like a "real" person.

watch out for the tough girl!