Friday, August 14, 2009

Elodie's friends 1st birthday and playing by the pump track

Elodie's friend Asher had his 1st birthday on Monday...what fun they had playing and eating cake!
OK-yes, we have pants for Elodie, but she likes to play without them! Elodie just loves to play with Freddie-he doesnt mind if she gets rough and pulls on him...he just thinks that she is petting him!
This is one of the banked turns on our pump track (for bikes). Elodie climbed up to the top all by herself!
Playing with dirt and trying to sneak rocks for a snack!
She sure loves her Daddy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Elodie learning to walk!

our trip to Idaho

Elodie tasting our newly won medals! Can you see how dirty she is? Common thing on weekends...
Our family recovering from the trip...Elodie decided to clean house upon arriving home!
Saying good bye to our great campsite at the race.
Hanging out at the second home-dirty, but with impeccable posture!
First of many podiums that Elodie will be joining us on.
This is Pommerelle Ski Area where the race was held. Great "mom and pop" ski area that is probably the smallest ski area I have ever been in my entire life! (yes, that includes Wisconsin) But, they get about 300-600" of snow a year! I wish our ski areas got that much!
Eating meals in the truck are tricky...those peas roll all over the place which makes it very difficult to reach sometimes.
First slide ride...(boy was the slide HOT...I am really forcing the smile as I was extremely uncomfortable...hahaha)