Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

 Getting the thank the Easter Bunny in person is always a bonus!!  We spent the day at Arapahoe Basin "chilling" in the sun (but it was far from cold), skiing, and enjoying our friends' company. 
 Elodie has become quite the skier in her long 4 years of life!  Skiing double-black diamond ski runs is her latest adventure...
 Here we are overlooking some of the best skiing terrain in CO.  The sign behind Elodie reads: Pali Face and The Spine. 
 This is "the Bus stop" where you wait for your friends before continuing on skiing.
Elodie started riding the chairlift all by herself, also! (ugh... what a feeling when your kid doesn't need you to get on the lift) Granted, it was the "bunny lift"...

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Day Date

Elodie and Todd went on their first Daddy-daughter date this Valentine's day.  They both got dressed up, danced, snacked, sniffed roses, and yes... got into a "fight" about running in the parking lot... Maybe next year we won't have to have that discussion??
 How do they grow up so fast and surprise us with their new-found maturity when you see them every day? Where is my little girl? I dried her 1st rose for her to keep forever... Every man in their life should measure up to her Daddy... I now know what my mom was talking about.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elodie's new room

Todd and I finally painted Elodie's room so that it is bright, sunny, and actually looks like a little girl's room!  What a difference a little paint makes...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

 Elodie and I made a trip to MN to visit the Reger's, meet baby Liam, and see Gramma Mamma and Grampa Phil.  Elodie was in heaven hanging out with her cousins, helping with the baby, and hugging on Grampa and Gramma!  I just loved being there, sledding, skating, vacuuming, etc...
 The weather was at its most typical best (for a MN winter and we made the best of it: Owen, Elodie and I went for a walk in the rain one evening! Another day, Rachel and I took the kids sledding in 0 degree weather down icy snow... sleds were not needed, as our snowpant-covered butts slid just as well! :)
 Yes... they all still fit on a quad together... not for long, bucko, though!
 We all have our favorite uncle, don't we?

 Rach- You are in trouble with this little girl... (the blonde one, that is...)
These girls seem to be getting closer-finally! (Here our little posers are with the new baby Liam.)
Who is having a more difficult time saying goodbye?
Dad- you are a very special Grampa... and Daddy!