Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preparations for Christmas at the Olsen household

Following our family tradition of cutting our own tree-Lodgepole Pine, to be exact-we went out after work (consequently in the dark), tromped thru the snow (not much this year), and found the perfect tree. Yes, some may call it a "Charlie Brown" tree, but we have become extremely fond of these "anorexic" trees!
Elodie took on the task of hanging the ornaments at the top of the tree. She climbed right up that 10' ladder like it was a walk in the park! (Todd was close behind just in case she encountered a loose rung or something... Yes, she did climb up on her own. We did nothing to initiate.)
What are we going to do???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

life is good, but many times painful

We all may like our jobs (may being the operative word!) But, sometimes we really don't want to leave our families for the day, or even for a couple minutes.
The things we tend to want in life always seem to be a bit out of reach. But, with a little ingenuity and drive (not to mention help!), we can reach them.
You can also just go run to Mom and Dad when all else fails...
Through it all, we must always remember that God gave us a sense of humor and wants us to make PLENTY of time for laughter and play.
Lastly, enjoy your rest and sleep in. It is much easier on your "Constitution."