Friday, October 5, 2012

Mommy-Elodie mountain biking trip

We have special days together called Daddy-Elodie day: Wednesdays, and Mommy-Elodie day(s): Saturdays and Sundays.  We always try to do something special on these days, although it is not always possible.  My girlfriend Angie and I were able to plan a camping/mountain biking trip out west in the Fruita/Grand Junction area. Elodie and I packed up everything we could fit in the Suby (thank God for car-camping...) and it the road.  We were able to get to Grand Junction just in time to see a bit of the airshow.  A fighter jet was in flight when we arrived. How amazing to see the jet fly so fast and up-side down! The pilot also put the jet into "dive" mode and pulled up at the last second.  One of the "tricks" that he also pulled was a "wheelie" type that looked a lot like a bike being wheelied down the street. Then, just before he finished, he buzzed the town just above where we were sitting and it was so loud car alarms started going off! We sure had an hysterical laugh at that while sitting on the hood of our car.  
Then, it was off to the mountain bike trails for us!
For me as a woman truly in love with mountain biking, it is my dream that Elodie will love to ride as much as I, and of course, Todd.  Riding with Elodie on these trails was one of the most fun, most ground-breaking things I have done in my entire life!

We camped at Highline Lake State Park with one of my girlfriends and her 10 year old daughter and her daughter's friend.  Elodie had the time of her life hanging and playing with the "big girls."  I bought her her very own head lamp to fit in, too!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

 I have been thinking a lot about our new home (OURS!) and what we have in store for us with the location and the stability of owning in the area.  Friends are closer for all of us!  Opportunities for us to share precious moments like this are abundant.  This particular picture is from last weekend when Elodie and I met some friends at a place 5 minutes from our house called Sapphire Point.  The chipmunks and squirrels will eat sunflower seeds right from your hand!

Jamison and Elodie are the closest thing to brother and sister as could be without actually being brother and sister: playing, arguing, button-pushing, and goofing around.  They are days apart in age, and we are actually planning a birthday party for the 2 together.  "Superman" and the "Razberry Princess."

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We have been renting this cute cabin for the last year.  It is across the street from a World-class ski resort, Keystone, and we can ride right out of our house to some of the best mountain biking in Colorado.  It only seemed right to accept an offer we couldn't refuse in order to purchase the home.  As of yesterday at 11:30am (10/3 Tuesday), we are the proud new owners of this beautiful place!!!

A couple weekends ago, Aimee DesRochers and I took the kids to see Thomas when he was in Golden (Denver area).  What a fun afternoon! He was visiting the railroad museum, so we were able to see quite a few different trains besides the star of the show: Thomas.  They had a Thomas tattoo station, a tent with a bunch of tables set up with Thomas railroad tracks, a petting zoo (big hit with Max and Elodie-we  were there twice!), and finally we got to ride in Thomas' RR car.  We finished off the afternoon with a delicious sherbert "ice cream" cone!