Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby girl coming soon!


Being a week late, and after much consideration and advice from the doc, we have decided to induce. Tomorrow morning is the big day! We are a bit nervous, being that it is unnatural, but her size and my body's discomfort have led us to make the decision. Baby and I are both extremely healthy, but it is not like we are still early! Besides, they will only let us go another 4 days, anyway. Please pray for us, as this is going to be much more painful and intense than we had originally planned-as if that would have been "pleasant" - hahaha!

Sue, Todd's mom, will be here to support us and help us with our needs. It will be a great help! Mom (mine) was here last weekend helping us with much of our preparations, as well, so we are VERY ready! House clean, laundry done, etc. Thank you Mom! (She also tried to help me "naturally" induce by going for walks, going to the springs to relax, etc)

By next week, we should have plenty of photos for everyone! stay tuned...

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Seeker said...

I am praying for you and waiting for news. p.s. If you had waited 4 days, she would share my birthday. :-)