Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Addition!!! Elodie Ruth Olsen

Our beautiful baby girl has arrived! November 6th, 6:15pm. 7 lbs. 1 oz, she arrived quickly and smoothly with no issues. BUT-I will NEVER call anything that hurts painful, ever again! WOW! What a miracle...I guess that really separates the women from the boys out there! (sorry dad and todd and all the other wonderful men in our lives...) Todd is the most willing, supportive and interactive man that I could ever hope for him to be.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts. God was there every minute. Didnt he make life incredible?!?!?!?!

We were able to come home this morning-Saturday. I never thought that we would get out of there! We are so excited to be here and have our little "addition" fill some warm space in our beautiful home.

More to come very soon!!!


Amy said...

What a cutie! She is absolutely adorable! I'm so proud of you guys and can't wait to meet my new little cousin. See you soon!

alladopted said...
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Seeker said...

Congratulations! You and Todd really have been blessed with a beautiful child. (Some day she will thank you for going through it for her.)
Love you.