Monday, September 22, 2008

Home for the "Folks'' 40th anniversary!

Mom and dad welcomed us all home with open arms for their 40th anniversary. Rachel, Mary Beth, Lori and I have been planning that party for a long long, I didnt even know that I was pregnant yet...or was even going to be eventually!! hahaha

There was so much food, events, and fun that it took Todd and I a week to recover. Todd and I were priveleged to a tour of Standard Process-our supplement "sponsor" (as Todd calls it), on Thursday, Lori in on Friday morning with grocery shopping with Dad... That afternoon was filled with more fun and food when Mary Beth and Mom and Dad joined Lori, Todd and I for happy hour (yes, I was the DD). We picked Con up that evening and got home just in time for Rachel, Rog, Gma mimi and Owie to pull in the driveway.

Saturday morning, the guys all went golfing and the girls went to a shower for yours truly! (I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life! Thank you all!) After naps and walks in the forest, we all went out for dinner in Milwaukee-see the photos for the group shots and to see the "creepy pope" pics.

Sunday was Milwaukee Brewers day where we tailgated and all got our fill of sun, beer, food, and bad baseball (it was really fun, just a really bad game! hahahaha)!!!

Ready for another 40 mom and dad???????

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