Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late as usual!!!

Elodie fell asleep on Lori Jo's lap while she was working at the computer. We just had to take a photo!
Elodie and Gabby-notice the seet potato puke above Gabby's head?

Our beloved friends-the Knoff's-came over with their family and we had the most wonderful get-together ever! Thanks for coming guys!

Lor, Em, and Mario chilling with all the grand kids (minus 2! Caleb and Owen where are you???)

Gma Mimi and Elodie take the cutest pictures.

ok-can you say (again...) Daddy's girl???

See what I mean??? I love you Gma! You make my kid smile for pictures.

We miss you gramma Mamma and "crappa" Phil!!! (sorry Dad-its too cute)

Mary Beth-are you letting my kid eat the plant???

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