Saturday, July 25, 2009

ok ok ok...I admit that I am always late...

Elodie is a most amazing little girl! In the last month, (actually, this all happened within about a week's time) she started crawling, pulling up on everything, cruising a bit, "talking" and even got 2 teeth while gramma mama, grampa phil, and gramma mimi were here. They got to see an Elodie that even we did not know exsisted!!! ugh!
We have been camping at Keystone and SolVista (2 ski areas that we ride bikes at in the summer) every weekend, bike riding a lot, playing in the sandbox and swimming in our little pool (which we take with us every weekend, too!)
Here are some photos of Olsen Adventures!

We are now getting into everything. This time, she got distracted on the "crawl" to the tub and tried a bit of soot!
Playtime after our bath.
Playing peek a boo with grampa's cowboy hat was a lot of fun!

Just doing our thing in the camper...very convenient for carrying on life as we NOW know it! hahaha
Todd and Elodie love to play in the sandbox that he built for her.

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