Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 1st birthday Elodie!

The first year of her little tiny life has gone by WAY too fast. As a new parent, when listening to other parents talking about how fast it all goes by, it is difficult to grasp the concept of "fast."
Suffering thru months of very little sleep, listening to painful cries as tiny teeth push there way out, being frustrated along with your child as they get stronger and want to be mobile, changing stinky diapers, and catching food before it makes it's way into the waiting "brother's" mouth: all of these and more tempt you to want the current stage to move on to the next.
All of a sudden, as I watched her take her very first step, I realized that this is one of the last biggest "firsts" that she will have. (yes, I know there will be plenty more, but not like this one) Todd and I did not want it to happen, believe it or not...we wanted to tell her to wait a bit and stay our tiny (as of now, she has no problem with that at 17.7 pounds and 28" tall!) little girl.
Elodie is all that we can handle and more...full throttle at all times-unless she is sleeping or strapped into her car seat or highchair. Being outside is a necessary part of EVERY day, no matter the weather (or you will pay!).
We have learned to continue our lives in the same way as we were pre-Elodie...we will just have to be patient and cherish the few times we are able to ski or ride bikes together. But in the end, it is all worthwhile.
Thank you God, for our perfect little "Sprite!"

Elodie's 1st gift. Is anyone surprised???

Elodie had so much fun playing with her friends and running circles around the house all night.

What a very happy night...

the neighborhood kids all came (and ate all the cake!)

Rachel-Thanks for the idea of making Elodie her own cake...She really "dug" it! (hahaha) The sugar kept her up and happy until 10pm! (Even then, I had to grab her and whisk her off to bed.)


Seeker said...

They do grow up way too fast.

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MaryM said...

I always LOVE the first birthday pix with the cake all over the face! Happy Birthday Elodie!