Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 Last week, the Olsen clan journeyed to NJ to see family and friends, swim, and relax.  Sue, Todd's mom, set us up with a stay at the most amazing boat house on Lake Hopatcong.  WOW!

 Elodie and Grandma Ruth (her middle name-sake) had breakfast together in the morning while Mom and Dad slept in...

 Patience in a 3 year old is a rarity... but it sure pays off! (don't worry- we threw this little guy back!)

The boathouse we stayed in, owned by Carol and Lloyd Kitchin, came equipped with kayaks, boat, swimming, life jackets, food, drinks, a roof to jump off into the lake, and lots of love! Thank you, Carol!!!

 My coffee spot every morning! It was hard to leave...
 Here is little Elodie doing what she does best... scaring people and then making them smile bigger than they ever thought possible! That's my girl. (look at Grandma's expression!)
At the end of the day... do we all look like this when we finally fall asleep?

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