Thursday, January 7, 2010

Auntie Lori comes for Christmas!

Auntie Lori is going to make sure that Elodie grows up backing the Pack!! (Notice that Elodie is also "chewing" on Caleb's Christmas present... Caleb wanted to play with Elodie's presents, and Elodie wanted Caleb's presents!)
This is a great photo-Elodie was happy for the first 10 seconds of being cuddled by Lori but I took too long to take the picture!
2-fisting it! Elodie loves her milk and her water equally!
Sledding down the driveway...Elodie takes her action sports VERY seriously. (When you stop, she screams!)
Elodie and Lori
family Christmas picture- Thank you Lord for bringing your Son for us!

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MaryM said...

I LOVE seeing these pictures and hearing of your wonderful Christmas together. Thanks for sharing!