Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes you have to relax after a hard day at school!
Todd and I bring our "chalet" up to the Basin to ski every weekend. We take turns staying with Elodie while the other rides the chairlift or hike in the high alpine to spots that have just enough snow to ski. Afterwards, if we have enough time and the weather is fair, we take Elodie for a run on the "bunny hill" and also do some sledding runs!
What a poser!


MaryM said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend your weekend. Elodie is sure growing up and she's getting to be quite a climber, Jewels! So like you were... Have fun with that!
Love, MOM

The Canadian said...

Ummm, sooooooo cute!!! I love that I finally got to meet her, so I can just see her climbing and posing the way she does in all your pics! I love, love her energy! Dont cha wish you could bottle that and sell it? What I wouldn't do to have that energy!!!