Saturday, January 7, 2012

2 days in...

Well, we are 2 days in to Todd's 3 months away. It hasn't been very difficult, yet... I think the most difficult part for me is Elodie missing Daddy. She knows that he is gone to "big person" school for a long time and we are going to visit him in a couple weeks, but when she asked where she is when she wakes up in the morning, I am reminded of how hard this is going to be.
I know 3 months will go by very fast and that things for us will be soooo much better, but it is always difficult to be apart from someone you love so much! At least he is not going to war... thank the Lord for that much! The families that are separated for that reason and that amount of time are amazing people of tremendous strength.
It is Elodie's first day of ski school, so the house feels soooo empty! I wish there was either more snow so I could ride more (I did take a few runs this morning, but it is busy and icy. Not ideal!) or warmer so I could ride my bike. I guess I can catch up on some reading!

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