Monday, January 9, 2012


Elodie and I went to a birthday party on Sunday in Breckenridge. It was her first time ever and I figured that I have not skated for 20 years... How is that possible that ANYTHING in my life could be 20 years ago???? (holy cow.)
We both made it out alive and fairly unscathed. There were "walkers" for beginners, so Elodie figured out how to use it and had a blast. She even watched her friends that weren't using the walkers and tried to skate without hers for a few steps. She did great! I controlled myself and did not use a walker. I stayed on my feet. Now, that was a feat! (hahaha...)
Todd bought a hip-e van to drive while in Hawaii. He will also be living in it. He can strap a surfboard on top (already has...), as well as stretch out in the back. Good living! Started "working" and training with my boss, Darin, today. I'll bet his head is just crammed full already if I know Darin!

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MaryM said...

Gotta love the adventurous Elodie! Not afraid to try anything.
That goes for Tod O as well! What an adventure for him. We wish you all the very best!