Tuesday, January 24, 2012

swimming lessons and other ways to keep us busy

Ski School!!! How many people out there wish they could have grown up knowing how to ski??? It would have made it so much easier...
Well, Little Miss Olsen is living the dream. She is in the "Explorers" at Keystone and learning how to rip it up! She is in the same class as her life-long pal, Asher, and they "try" to pay attention to their instructor. (I have also seen the 2 of them running down the taller kids in their class, skiing much faster than the bigger, older kids.)

Swimming has always been a favorite pass-time for Elodie. She has progressed so far and has actually taught herself to propel her body thru the water, holding her breath, kicking, and flailing her arms. (yes, it is true... she has my stroke technique... hahaha!)
This past month, we signed her up for swim class at the Breckenridge Rec Center so she could take the class with her friend Bodie. They go with Bodie's mom after school over to the pool and I meet them there. Watching them is so much fun and they really encourage each other, as well!
I think I will sign her up for next month, too...