Sunday, February 5, 2012

10,000 feet above sea level... in Maui!

Haleakala is the 10,000 ft volcano on the east side of Maui. It is just one big rolling hill when you are looking up at it, but the drive proves otherwise. 50 switchbacks later, the summit is windy and 30 degrees colder than the beach. Ugh. But, all that being said, the mountain is beautiful and was shaped by the last eruption in 1790. One day when Elodie is not sick and crabby, we will go for a hike down into the crater! (Elodie came down with croup, which we found out the next day, and was NOT feeling the Aloha love we were hoping she would feel!)


MaryM said...

Get better, Elodie!!!!!
We are sending out love.
Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil

sue gleason said...

What great narrative by Julie! Looks like the weather was awesome. Love you guys!
Grandma Sue