Sunday, February 5, 2012

rocks and whales!

We wanted to take Elodie out to see the whales, and were obviously hoping to have a good show, but I never imagined the whales would be swimming right next to the 40' raft we were riding! We saw a whale breech almost immediately, and Elodie saw it! That really set the tone for the rest of the trip. She was so excited and looked along with the rest of the group on the raft for the next sighting of these amazing, graceful creatures.

Our captain was able to spot and follow a "pod" of about 10 whales swimming, competing, etc. What a show! At one point, one swam under the boat, and the rest swam right next to the boat. By the very end of the trip, the boat had rocked Elodie fast asleep...

lose their attraction! On our way to La Perouse bay to see if we could spot any dolphins, we went for a walk thru a giant lava field.
It was a 3 year old's dream come true! All the rocks she could carry, plus ones that we were asked to carry... and then, we had to throw them into the "sea." I love the whole rock thing!

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MaryM said...

Wow! How exciting to see the whales so "up close and personal"! I hope Elodie will remember it forever. BTW, Todd looks like Maui has been good for him.