Wednesday, February 29, 2012

life is not so bad... we just miss Todd!

Elodie and I have been doing lots of things to brighten our days while Todd is away at "Big Person School." Skiing, swimming, crafts, movies, and games taking up most of that space (besides the usual work and school!)

The other night, we made "crowns" out of pipe cleaners...

Elodie asked me if we could make happy face cookies for her to take to class. I made the cookies, Elodie decorated them-complete with eyes, mouth, and cheeks! :)

I have put Elodie on a very strict training program to prepare her for the upcoming bike season...

I think that, besides skiing with her friend Asher, she likes wrestling the best!
Yes, I have told her to be careful while wrestling with skis on!

I even have a chance to enjoy myself (shock of shocks, hey??) and go for a few runs over my lunch and also when Elodie goes to ski school on Saturdays. We have gotten some pretty good snow (amount and quality) in the last few days. I took a few extra runs today and came back to work late! oops! (They are lucky I came back at all! HA!) Dad (Grampa Phil)-
you need to get out here asap!

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