Friday, February 10, 2012

Ahhhhh... Hawaii, beaches, surfing, sand!

Sandcastles were one of things that we did most on the beach. We went to Costco and got this super rad sandcastle-building set of tools. So cool! When Elodie wasn't building things, she was rolling in the sand. We found sand in places that sand was never meant to be...

Todd has been working at his paddle-boarding skills. He is getting pretty good... it is very difficult to stand on a board, balance with the rolling of the water, steer the board so you do not get clobbered by a wave cross-wise, and then to finally "catch" and surf a wave... But he gave me some pointers that he thought would help and sent me on my way. Wow! I should have counted the times I fell over back wards. Picture slipping on the ice and going down hard on your butt. That was me. Elodie stuck with sitting on the paddle board and lying on the boogie board. She loved it!

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